The biggest disappointment I ever had about Vanguard anime is that if the character is not called “Sendou Aichi”, “Kai Toshiki” or “main antagonist”, you better do not get attached to any other character than them, because they wont have much development / screentime.

- After Season 1 ended, we…



I’m going to make a new tag and actively talk with you guys about the things you send me to help with these comics. If you don’t want to see this, blacklist #holiday comic planning (alternatively, you can actively check that tag to see my thoughts.) I’ll probably delete these after this is over.

Oh yeah! RavenxRena and ElswordxAisha would be nice! 
And I would like to see also Chung and Add with someone (but I don’t know who!) ♥ 

i dont give a fuck about anything anymore just give me KAIMIWA
i learned from life that you aren’t important if you